Hili Energy

Hili Energy is as an international investor, developer and operator of renewable energy producing assets. Hili Energy recognises that in order to preserve the delicate balance of our planet’s ecology, societies must transition away from fossil fuels to more sustainable and cleaner sources of energy and is committed to playing its part in this transition.

Hili Energy has completed five projects to date:

2.4MW Benghajsa Solar Farm, Malta

Hili Energy is part of a joint venture that in 2020 commissioned Malta’s first solar farm to be approved under the country’s National Renewable Energy Plan. The project repurposed a disused landfill in Benghajsa, Malta, and exploits the country’s most abundant renewable resource to produce clean energy. Spread over 29,000sqm of land, the 2.4MW capacity solar farm consists of 7,260 solar panels that generates enough electricity to power approximately 760 homes each year. This contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions by almost 1,000 tonnes a year. The landscaping of the site with over 1,600 indigenous trees and plants further contributes to the CO2 capture and lends to the regeneration of the area’s natural beauty.


1.1MW  Solar Farm, Baltic Container Terminal, Latvia

Located at the Group's terminal in Latvia - Baltic Container Terminal, Hili Energy utilised one of the terminals warehouses to create a solar park on its rooftop. Spread over 11,600sqm , the solar parkconsists of 1,974 solar panels with a capacity of 1.1MW. The solar park began operations in 2023.

3.7MWe Biomass cogeneration plants, Croatia

Hili Energy and their Latvian partner successfully commissioned three biomass cogeneration plants in Croatia, the first of which was commissioned in August 2020. 

Gasification is a well-established technology which allows for much cleaner energy production compared to combustion. Croatia provides a particularly advantageous landscape for sourcing feedstock (woodchips) due to its vast forest land and its long-standing, well-developed forestry industry.
The 1.2MWe / 2.0MWt plant located in the industrial zone of Vrpolje was the first to begin operations in August 2020 and uses gasification technology to produce electricity from woodchips. The plant generates enough electricity to power approximately 2,000 homes each year. Heat that is produced in the gasification process is used to dry the woodchips that form the feedstock for the plant.

Construction of two woodchip gasification cogeneration plants, Belišće 1 (1.2MWe / 2.66MWt) and Belišće 2 (1.3MWe / 3.0MWt), located in the Belišće Industrial Zone has been complete. Belišće 1 starterd operations in July 2023, whereas  operations in Belišće 2 are expected to commence in 2024. These plants will generate enough electricity to power approximately 4,200 homes each year.

Under development

Hili Energy is currently developing another biomass cogeneration plant in Croatia.

Šibenik, Croatia
This 2.0MWe and 3.5MWth woodchip gasification cogeneration plant, which is located within the Šibenik Industrial Zone, will be fully operational in 2024.

Future projects

Hili Energy is studying the feasibility of various solar power and biomass opportunities in Malta, Latvia, Italy, Albania and Croatia.